New Directions Driving School Instructor
New Directions Driving School Instructor

Phil Stinson - BA Carleton University 1995

Owner/Operator - Since 2009
Lead Instructor

  • Basic Driving Instructor Certification (In-Vehicle), Algonquin College, Ottawa, 2008
  • Driving School Classroom Instructor Certification, Ontario Safety League, 2009

Prior instructional experience includes as an In-Vehicle BDE Instructor, Renfrew, and as an In-Vehicle Truck Driver Instructor, Ottawa for 6 yrs prior to the opening of New Directions Driving School in 2009.

Phil is a former professional driver, with an excellent driving record spanning over 30 years, and more than 5 million kilometres throughout North America. This is an excellent real world background from which to draw upon experiences relevant to the numerous situations discussed in-class, and encountered in-vehicle. There is a saying about “experience being the best teacher”, but more recently I read a message on a sign that’s more relevant to my current situation as an instructor. To paraphrase, it said “ Experience is a hard teacher, you get the test first, and the lessons follow”. That is very much why I enjoy driver instruction, I feel that having successfully passed the test, I am very suitably qualified to share the lessons with our students.

Over my 30 years of driving I’ve developed patience, excellent communications skills and an ability to connect with almost anyone. During the time I’ve been an instructor I’ve been described as everything from “funny” to “fascinating”, and “not TOO boring”, after all it is driver ed., and I am being honest. All of these are fine with me, because this tells me that I am engaging the students and they are sharing my knowledge.

Educational, entertaining, and I still get to play with cars, no wonder I enjoy my job!