"Thanks for all the help and patience, would never have driven with just me teaching"

"Didn't show any interest...actually looks forward to driving with you!"

"The boys Loved the city trip!"

"...said the city was a little scary, but now knows that she can do it when she has her G2"

" Phil showed so much understanding and patience with my daughter, her confidence grew with each lesson and she got her G2 today"

"I will definitely recommend New Directions to all my co-workers for their kids"


"I would recommend this course to others, because it is always upbeat, and never dull"

"I learned valuable info that will be beneficial as I gain more driving experience"

"It helps you learn how to drive correctly!"

"learned A LOT in a short time!"

"It's a calm but fun learning environment"

"Phil is an excellent teacher who keeps the class engaged to promote learning"

"...well presented, good instruction and answered questions"

"Clear and effective instruction that helps prepare you to drive without panic"

"I like that it has a variety of different learning techniques"

"Comprehensive, offers opportunities to discuss scenarios and strategies for a variety of situations"

"the instructor always finds a way to make it interesting and it helps me to remember things"

"I expected that (parallel parking) would be a lot harder to do"