New Directions Driving School is the only local school to offer students our very popular Ottawa Road Trip as a part of our BDE program. Only those who are interested, and have demonstrated a capacity to drive safely locally, will be offered this chance to drive on the freeway and in city traffic. This trip is not mandatory, no one is required to go if they are not comfortable. If the student and instructor believe that training time would be best spent locally improving skills, as is the case with about 20% of our students, then that is what happens. About 80% of our students, who have worked hard to develop good driving habits and skills, and chose to do the city trip, found it beneficial and enjoyable. This is considered a part of our BDE program and is offered at no additional charge, though it may not be available to students who live more than 1 hour from Ottawa.

As a parent, and business owner, I feel it is important that students and parents are getting what they need, an excellent price for the best available training, plus convenience. From the start New Directions has relied almost solely on word of mouth recommendations from students and parents as our main mode of advertising. Please take a moment to read a few of the testimonials regarding our program.

Call us before choosing a driving school, don’t make a choice on price alone, or convenience alone, or believe that BDE is just about a piece of paper and insurance.

Beginner Driver Education is about all those things, but also the safety of the student, their friends and community, and parental peace of mind. Our success to date has been built upon keeping the students engaged and entertained while they learn. We also have reputation for quick completion for those who need it done now, or a slower pace for those needing practice, or whose road test is months in the future.

For those who feel they need extra driving time with an instructor, or private lessons, we do offer in-vehicle training by the hour at some of the best local rates available. We also offer our vehicles for use during road tests, or for a little pretest refresher. We may, at our discretion, offer these services not only to our BDE program students, but to others who feel they may benefit from our advice and experience.  Our BDE program fees are always on the low side of competitive. Contact us or call before you choose.

To book your G1 or G2 Exit tests call DriveTest at 1-888-570-6110 ,  or book your road test online at 

For proof of completion of this Driver Education program you must take your G2 licence to a Service Ontario center and request a Driver Licence History, cost is $12 CDN. This is the document that your vehicle insurer will accept. This can only be done after completing all 10 hours of driving time with your instructor.