New Directions Driving School, 16 Sep 2021 10:08:30 -0700en-us<![CDATA[December Christmas Break 2021]]>, 16 Sep 2021 10:08:30 -0700Course runs four consecutive days during the Christmas holiday at our classroom in Cobden.

Tuesday, December 28th, Wednesday, December 29th, Thursday, December 30th and Friday, December 31st, 2021.

Each class runs from 10AM to 4PM, with an hour for lunch. Price includes certification fees, taxes, and books.


<![CDATA[November 2021 Weekend]]>, 16 Sep 2021 10:08:01 -0700Course runs over two weekends at our classroom in Cobden.

Saturday, November 20th, Sunday, November 21st, Saturday, November 27th and Sunday, November 28th, 2021.

Each class runs from 10AM to 4PM, with an hour for lunch. Price includes certification fees, taxes, and books.


Course runs over two weekends at our classroom in Cobden.

Saturday, October 16th, Sunday, October 17th, Saturday,October 23rd and Sunday October 24th, 2021.

Each class runs from 10AM to 4PM, with an hour for lunch. Price includes certification fees, taxes, and books.

<![CDATA[Tauney Stinson]]>, 11 Jan 2021 7:41:24 -0700Tauney Stinson

In-Car, In-class, and Online Instructor

Basic Driving Instructor Certification (In-Vehicle), Algonquin College, Ottawa, 2016

• Basic Driving Instructor Certification (In-Class), PDIO, Brampton, Dec 2020

• Digital Teaching Certificate Program, Pre-Driver, Sept 2020

Prior instructional experience teaching English to students of all ages in Guangxi province, China from 2011 to 2016, as well as years of academic tutoring work. I've driven motor vehicles in some of the most challenging parts of the world during my travels.

I believe in teaching through humour. Patience is one of my strong suits, and nothing tends to upset me too much. Teens find me interesting, funny, and relatable. I've done a lot of things in my life, including learning Mandarin Chinese, working as a professional chef, and making jewelry. My goal when teaching is to be both entertaining and informative. I'm also a perfectionist so I'll nitpick (in a fun way) until your driving improves!

<![CDATA[Contact Us]]>, 19 Dec 2020 3:34:17 -0700

Cobden Location
New Directions Driving School

#46 Unit 2, Main Street
Cobden, ON
K0J 1K0

p: 613.646.9750
c: 613.432.0366

Alternate Contact:

Tauney Stinson, Instructor
c: 613-433-7861

Calls are returned as quickly as possible by Phil Stinson, Owner/Operator and Lead Instructor, New Directions Driving School. We do not have full time office staff, so please be patient, as we are often out driving and cannot answer calls. Please leave a detailed message with your name and telephone number.

Email requests for courses will not be considered: you MUST call.



<![CDATA[Fees and Payment]]>, 11 Dec 2019 2:57:47 -0700Contact us for complete BDE Program information, excellent prices and payment details, find hourly training rates and pretest refresher prices.  I prefer to speak personally with prospective students, or a parent/ guardian about the BDE program so that they know exactly what can be done to suit their specific situation, be that payment, scheduling, or registration location, and so that they know who they are dealing with. In an effort to keep costs down for our clients we do not have full time office staff. Best times to catch me by the phone are mornings 9AM to 1PM, and evenings 8PM to 10PM.

Our Driver Education program price of $800 (as of February, 2020) includes all taxes, books, and fees. Private lessons and car rentals can be arranged with sufficient notice by contacting our instructors.

Please use the Contact Us Links or call and leave a message. Calls and e-mail are returned as soon as possible by Phil Stinson, Owner/Operator and Lead Instructor, New Directions Driving School.  Contact Us

<![CDATA[Home]]>, 13 Mar 2018 6:15:13 -0700A Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Approved Beginner Driver Education (BDE) program provider (MTO approved schools).

New Directions Driving School - Serving Pembroke, Cobden, Renfrew and Surrounding Areas.

Our main focus at New Directions is providing new drivers the opportunity to gain the practical knowledge and skills needed to drive safely, from friendly, dedicated and professional instructors, in a learning environment they enjoy. "The road to practical driving skills starts here!"

We are proud to provide our BDE training services to students throughout Central Renfrew County from our convenient location at 46 Main Street in Cobden, Ontario.

We run courses monthly throughout the year at our Cobden location. Our MTO approved BDE program begins with 20 hours in-class plus homelinks, done over 4 days consecutively or over 2 full weekends. Course completion also requires 10 hours of one on one in-vehicle instruction scheduled between student and instructor. Generally, we attempt to drive for 2 hours per lesson to limit the number of times we interrupt your life. These 2 hour sessions also provide ample opportunity to practice manoeuvres, city driving and some highway driving during each outing, thereby giving the student a well rounded experience each time they drive. The schedule is always flexible and we do our best to accommodate the needs of our students.

<![CDATA[Services]]>, 30 Nov 2016 11:29:50 -0700New Directions Driving School is the only local school to offer students our very popular Ottawa Road Trip as a part of our BDE program. Only those who are interested, and have demonstrated a capacity to drive safely locally, will be offered this chance to drive on the freeway and in city traffic. This trip is not mandatory, no one is required to go if they are not comfortable. If the student and instructor believe that training time would be best spent locally improving skills, as is the case with about 20% of our students, then that is what happens. About 80% of our students, who have worked hard to develop good driving habits and skills, and chose to do the city trip, found it beneficial and enjoyable. This is considered a part of our BDE program and is offered at no additional charge.

As a parent, and business owner, I feel it is important that students and parents are getting what they need, an excellent price for the best available training, plus convenience. From the start New Directions has relied almost solely on word of mouth recommendations from students and parents as our main mode of advertising. Please take a moment to read a few of the testimonials regarding our program.

Call us before choosing a driving school, don’t make a choice on price alone, or convenience alone, or believe that BDE is just about a piece of paper and insurance.


Beginner Driver Education is about all those things, but also the safety of the student, their friends and community, and parental peace of mind. Our success to date has been built upon keeping the students engaged and entertained while they learn. We also have reputation for quick completion for those who need it done now, or a slower pace for those needing practice, or whose road test is months in the future.

For those who feel they need extra driving time with an instructor, or private lessons, we do offer in-vehicle training by the hour at some of the best local rates available. We also offer our vehicles for use during road tests, or for a little pretest refresher. We may, at our discretion, offer these services not only to our BDE program students, but to others who feel they may benefit from our advice and experience.  Our BDE program fees are always on the low side of competitive, plus we may offer some price flexibility to remain competitive. Contact us or call before you choose.

<![CDATA[In Class]]>, 30 Nov 2016 11:25:33 -0700Our MTO approved curriculum, the “Brisa on Wheels” ( A Breeze on Wheels) program has been developed by two of Ontario’s leading road safety educators, Ben Estrada, hence the Spanish sounding program name, and Keith Black.

An engaging and easy to follow program, Brisa on Wheels is the choice of 50+ driving schools across Ontario. This program is centred around a 200+ page full colour text/workbook combination that is supplied to each student to study, to take notes in and complete assignments and quizzes. Accompanying the text are videos, Power Point slides, and magnetic whiteboard presentations, all aimed at generating discussion of various driving scenarios . Participation through discussion and questions is encouraged, as this BDE program focuses on the decisions which individuals must make to stay safe on the road. At New Directions Driving School we believe in teaching Proactive Driving techniques, how to use one’s eyes effectively to perceive hazards as they develop, how to make accurate judgements and decisions about vehicle positioning and speed to avoid dangerous situations, and finally how to control the driving environment and stay safe. SEE, THINK, DO, this is our program focus in-class, and in-car, it’s like Defensive Driving Plus!!


<![CDATA[In Car]]>, 30 Nov 2016 11:22:35 -0700Of course we’ll also do all that other stuff you expect from us, plus an Ottawa Trip, which you may not be expecting. See More –> Services.

We focus on preparation for your G1 Exit Test, and preparing you for driving safely on your own with a G2 licence.


Training includes all the manoeuvres you will be required to safely complete on your road test, such as parallel parking, parking your vehicle securely on a hill, safely turning your vehicle around in a roadway and knowing your right of ways. Safely entering, exiting and driving on a highway, changing lanes correctly and practice backing your vehicle into and out of parking stalls is all standard. Throughout this in-car training you will be expected to use your eyes effectively to choose proper vehicle positioning, to watch traffic and hazards, and determine right of way. Students will also practice proactive control skills to avoid hazardous interactions with other road users, and safely share the road, including of course, with pedestrians and cyclists.


As best we can, we always work toward our students being able to successfully and safely complete their G1 Exit test upon completion of their BDE program. A final driving assessment will be completed and students will be advised about those areas requiring further attention. Of great help in achieving that goal is any additional driving time that students may be able to get at home, or with other trusted accompanying drivers. This is highly recommended. All driving experience, no matter how short the duration, rural or urban, helps to develop vehicle handling, perception and decision making skills, and is an excellent addition to the 10 in-car training hours spent with the professionals at New Directions Driving School.

<![CDATA[Class Schedules]]>, 08 May 2016 11:09:02 -0700<![CDATA[Testimonials]]>, 04 Jan 2015 12:40:49 -0700Parents

"Thanks for all the help and patience, would never have driven with just me teaching"

"Didn't show any interest...actually looks forward to driving with you!"

"The boys Loved the city trip!"

"...said the city was a little scary, but now knows that she can do it when she has her G2"

" Phil showed so much understanding and patience with my daughter, her confidence grew with each lesson and she got her G2 today"

"I will definitely recommend New Directions to all my co-workers for their kids"


"I would recommend this course to others, because it is always upbeat, and never dull"

"I learned valuable info that will be beneficial as I gain more driving experience"

"It helps you learn how to drive correctly!"

"learned A LOT in a short time!"

"It's a calm but fun learning environment"

"Phil is an excellent teacher who keeps the class engaged to promote learning"

"...well presented, good instruction and answered questions"

"Clear and effective instruction that helps prepare you to drive without panic"

"I like that it has a variety of different learning techniques"

"Comprehensive, offers opportunities to discuss scenarios and strategies for a variety of situations"

"the instructor always finds a way to make it interesting and it helps me to remember things"

"I expected that (parallel parking) would be a lot harder to do"

<![CDATA[Our Curriculum]]>, 09 Nov 2012 12:08:57 -0700<![CDATA[FAQ]]>, 05 Nov 2012 3:06:17 -0700Q)  Can I take my Driver Ed. before I turn 16, or if I don't yet have my G1 license?

A)  You may enrol and do the in class before you turn 16, but you may not drive until you have your G1 licence. You must complete driver ed within one year of your first in class lesson.

Q)  Will I get a certificate when I complete my Driver Ed?

A)  Driving schools no longer issue driver education certificates, your course completion info will be uploaded directly to the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) computer system. You will need nothing in writing to book a road test, it will be in their computer files. For insurance purposes, you will have to purchase a Driver License History at Service Ontario and present this to your insurer for a possible insurance discount.

Q)  How do I get freeway driving experience if I can't drive on the freeway?

A)  You may drive on the freeway with a licensed driving instructor. At New Directions, we try to accommodate any student who would like to drive to Ottawa and in the city. About 80% of our students do this trip for the freeway and city driving experience.

Q)  What car can I use for a road test?

A)  Vehicles are not supplied by Drive test, for road tests. If you have a vehicle at home that you are used to, we suggest you use that, it will save you money.  If you don't have access to a suitable vehicle we can supply a car for your road test, for a reasonable fee, with some notice.

Q)  How should I choose an approved driving school?

A)  My advice is to contact at least 3 different driving schools and compare prices, course completion times, and training offered by each. You should also ask some of your friends about their experiences doing Driver Ed.  Your driver education experience should be enjoyable, informative and affordable.  Check the MTO link for approved schools.

Q)  Where can I find out about car insurance?

A)  You should check out the Insurance Bureau of Canada link on our web page, most of what you'll need to know will be found there.

Q)  How do I get my Ontario Driver Licence?

A)  You should check out the MTO and Drive test links on our web page.  If you have other questions you can call me anytime, (leave a message) or use the contact (email) link to ask for further info.

<![CDATA[The Instructors]]>, 01 Nov 2012 6:41:46 -0700If you and/or someone you know would like to do your driver ed. with an experienced instructor, at a school operated by a former professional driver, Contact Us.

<![CDATA[Phil Stinson]]>, 29 Oct 2012 10:58:36 -0700Phil Stinson - BA Carleton University 1995

Owner/Operator - Since 2009
Lead Instructor

  • Basic Driving Instructor Certification (In-Vehicle), Algonquin College, Ottawa, 2008
  • Driving School Classroom Instructor Certification, Ontario Safety League, 2009

Prior instructional experience includes as an In-Vehicle BDE Instructor, Renfrew, and as an In-Vehicle Truck Driver Instructor, Ottawa for 6 yrs prior to the opening of New Directions Driving School in 2009.

Phil is a former professional driver, with an excellent driving record spanning over 30 years, and more than 5 million kilometres throughout North America. This is an excellent real world background from which to draw upon experiences relevant to the numerous situations discussed in-class, and encountered in-vehicle. There is a saying about “experience being the best teacher”, but more recently I read a message on a sign that’s more relevant to my current situation as an instructor. To paraphrase, it said “ Experience is a hard teacher, you get the test first, and the lessons follow”. That is very much why I enjoy driver instruction, I feel that having successfully passed the test, I am very suitably qualified to share the lessons with our students.

Over my 30 years of driving I’ve developed patience, excellent communications skills and an ability to connect with almost anyone. During the time I’ve been an instructor I’ve been described as everything from “funny” to “fascinating”, and “not TOO boring”, after all it is driver ed., and I am being honest. All of these are fine with me, because this tells me that I am engaging the students and they are sharing my knowledge.

Educational, entertaining, and I still get to play with cars, no wonder I enjoy my job!